Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My turn!

Thoughts by Writer number 2:

1. Sense of humor, sense of humor, sense of humor
2.  Because if you can make me laugh, that's half the battle
3. I like me a man who can cook
4. Ask me questions about who I am, what I like and where I come from.  You can't get to know me without knowing the people I love and why I love them.
5. If you can dish it out then you better get ready to take it right back.
6. It sounds good in a text message, e-mail or IM but it means NOTHING if you don't back it up.  Example; if only you were here, blablablablalalalalalaaaaa.  Give me something real--send me a card, take a damn day off work and visit or hell draw me a picture with some crayons for me to put on my fridge.  Whatever it is it shows effort.
7. Realizing and telling us you love us AFTER we're gone for a while (perhaps left the city and/or state) is not a compliment.
8. Surprises, surprises, surprises!!!
9. I hate assholes, but I do like a good challenge.  You don't have to always agree with me, but there are certain things you just have to leave alone---or I WILL cry.
10. I know you can't read my mind...but try
11. Pooping and farting will always be funny no matter how old I get.  Accept that.
12. You better be able to fix things cuz I break things all the time.
13. Sometimes I'll cry and you won't know why or how, but it'll pass.  Just make me some brownies...or nachos.
14. No matter how loud you yell at the TV... THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU!
15. Return the favor (any and all flavors).

I guess the point is...the best way to my heart is through my stomach...and laughter.

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