Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be the Best

 Writer 1
For me these are suggestion for how to be a great boyfriend. I realize no one is perfect but if you're looking to please your lady these are some pretty good tips for the average lady
  • When in doubt- flowers, jewelry and homemade cheesy gifts ALWAYS work
  • Be a man, not a boy. Always defend your lady
  • You have nothing if you don't have good communication and respect 
  • Your girlfriend is for loving, not insulting or being mean to
  • Make good with their friends/family, their opinion will always matter because they're the people that have always and will always be there (and they will always be on her side, sorry)
  • Never ever ever call her a bitch or a cunt or make her the brunt of a sexist joke. Its degrading.
  • Romance is important at every phase of the relationship, keep things fresh and exciting and it will pay off
  • The gifts, cards, flowers and sweet things you do for no reason or no occasion are more memorable then the things you do on a birthday or valentines day (although we love those things too!)
  • If you are always telling your girlfriend she's hot, try saying beautiful instead. Hot makes a girl feel cheap after a while.
  • Be careful what you say in the heat of an argument: she will probably never forget it and it probably is not necessary.  Be the boyfriend who cares, not hurts.
  • Girls love things like America's Next Top Model, painting their nails and Spice Girls the way you like Video Games, beer and Creed.  Let us stop acting so surprised when a girl does something girly or a man does something manly
Bottom Line: Remember what your girlfriend is for and what you are for your girlfriend. You should both be going the extra mile for each other, supporting each other, laughing with each other and getting through tough time with each other.  Think about your relationship; is it really one sided? Are you always giving her gifts and she never returns the favor? Does she always offer you a massage but you never offer her one? Balance in giving and receiving is key to both people feeling happy in a relationship.

Extra gooey brownie point tips (for when you want you girlfriend to call and gush about you to everyone she knows)
  • If you get into a big fight, send of bring her flowers with a card that says something like "Sorry babe, I shouldn't talk like that" or whatever.  She will most likely forget the fight but remember the flowers (thats good!) and it shows you don't rely on excuses for bad behavior
  • Make her dinner (bonus points if its a surprise, surprises are always good)
  • Call her parents or friends just to say hello
  • Write her a poem or a song or make her a picture if you're an artist
  • Puppies, puppies, puppies
  • Suck up how it makes you look sometimes and participate in what she likes

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