Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear Artsy Bohemian Girl: You are not unique, you are not an artist.

This is an open letter to every hipster, scene, emo, artsy, hippie, alternative, indie person out there,

That really expensive camera you have? It doesn't make you an artist.

Digital cameras come so fancy these days you can take a picture of feet and it looks artsy. Guess what? Thats not your talent. Its the technology of the camera.

Stop pretending like your camera is some sort of crutch that you can't leave the house without. You can, no one cares.

There are so many of you out there you have abolished the idea that what you are doing is somehow unique which is the way art is supposed to be.  Snapping a few poses of your friend in a weird outfit at an awkward angle with a nice camera and creating an album on facebook called "My Photography" (we all know at least one of these assholes) DOES NOT make you an artist either.  Does anyone remember that photography is true and studied form of art and that just like painting and drawing not everyone can pull it off? Sure you could probably push some paint around on a canvas and call yourself an abstract artist but you don't because you know better. So why bastardize photography?  I have actually studied photography in several college courses and even had a photo chosen for a gallery show but I still would not call myself a photographer. Why? Because I know I'm not THAT fucking good. In fact photography is so easy for people to access that you have to be even MORE exceptional than say a sculpture to be considered a true artist.

So NO, I won't be requiring your services at my wedding/baby shower/engagement photos. Because when that time comes I will hire a professional.  And NO being in a beautiful landscape and taking a picture of waves in the ocean does not make you an expert on perspective. It means you like fucking EVERYONE can take pictures of beautiful nature scenes and they will look nice.  And to qualify- not showering, being a man with lady hair, wearing undershirts and v-necks, wearing ray ban frames as glasses, American Apparel, listening to stupid music and drinking PBR- DO NOT MAKE YOU UNIQUE AND FOR SURE DON'T MAKE YOU AN ARTIST.

It also must be asked why so many of these people claim to "just be finding their way in life" but are usually college drop outs looking for a job?

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